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About us

Graysons Group, LLC is a leading holding and management company that invests and manages businesses in the automotive, quick service restaurant, and healthcare sectors. With a focus on delivering exceptional results and creating value for its stakeholders, Graysons Group, LLC has established itself as a leader in these industries. The company's achievements include acquiring and managing multiple automotive businesses, opening new franchised quick service restaurants, improving patient satisfaction in the healthcare sector, and increasing brand awareness by quantifiable measures. The company's goal is to continue growing its presence in each sector to become a regional leader. Our leadership team boasts experience in corporate sector, education from some of the worlds top institutions (Kellogg School of Management, University of Florida, US Airforce, Oregon Health & Science University, University of Central Florida, Washington University, amongst others), acumen in mergers and acquisitions, medicine, property management, project management, and commercial sales. Graysons Group, LLC selects businesses to invest in based on market research and analysis, and takes a hands-on approach to managing acquired businesses. The company also has plans for further expansion and prioritizes sustainability in its operations through energy-efficient practices, cutting edge technologies and community engagement programs. Overall, Graysons Group, LLC is a leader and has tremendous growth ahead in its industries, offering exceptional value and a diverse range of products and services to its customers.




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Why us?

Extensive Industry Expertise

Seasoned professionals with decades of experience in people management, start ups, and SMBs in automotive, quick service restaurant, and healthcare sectors, enabling informed decision-making and optimum results.

Proven track record

Graysons Group, LLC focuses on delivering strong financial results, creating value for investors.

Focus on innovation

Graysons Group. LLC leverages innovation to drive growth, enhance customer experiences, and improve operational efficiency.

Commitment to Sustainability

Graysons Group, LLC prioritizes corporate social responsibility, implementing sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact and benefit local communities.

Unveiling Our Portfolio


Robert Smith

Excellent financial results: Graysons Group has achieved an impressive 25% revenue growth over the past three years, demonstrating its ability to effectively manage and develop businesses in the different industries.

  It shows that they have a clear understanding of market trends and are able to capitalize on them effectively. This not only reflects their success in generating profits but also indicates their potential for future growth and expansion. 

I look forward to doing business with them again in the future.

Angelina Novak

 Graysons Group's innovative approach and commitment to new technologies have impressed me. It gives them a competitive edge, improves operational efficiency, and provides exceptional experiences for customers.

Adam Brown

I am deeply impressed by Graysons Group's commitment to sustainable practices, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and community engagement. Their dedication to minimizing environmental impact and supporting local communities sets them apart.


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